1st European Top-Down
Proteomics Symposium
Paris, February 12-14, 2019

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 We are very pleased to announce the 1st European Top-Down Proteomics Symposium.

This event, jointly organized by Julia Chamot-Rooke (Institut Pasteur) and The Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics, will be held from February 12th to 14th 2019, at Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The symposium will focus on top-down proteomics, the analysis of intact proteins and protein complexes using high-resolution mass spectrometry. Top-down proteomics is an emerging technology offering an unprecedented level of accuracy in detecting differentially modified intact proteins (proteoforms) or associated complexes. The term proteoform designates all of the different molecular forms in which the protein product of a single gene can be found, encompassing all forms of genetic variation, alternative splicing of RNA transcripts, and post-translational modifications (PTMs).

Over the last decade, significant progresses have been made to advance top-down proteomics (both in denaturing and native conditions). As a result, interest in top-down proteomics has grown considerably and a number of studies have already showcased the potential of this disruptive technique for the unraveling of disease mechanisms and discovery of new biomarkers.

In this symposium, world-leading experts in top-down proteomics will present the most advanced technologies and approaches. A wide range of topics will be covered including the latest developments in instrumentation, sample preparation both in denaturing and native conditions, intact protein fractionation/separation, data analysis as well as applications in life sciences and human health.

Additionally we will engage the attendees in discussions on the future directions, challenges, and opportunities for top-down proteomics.  In addition to notable scientists, the meeting will also attract younger researchers who are building their careers and are looking to interact with leaders in the field.  We expect the attendance to be about 120.


The two days of the meeting are organized with:

- Four plenary lectures (50 min)

- Nine keynote lectures (30 min)

- Six talks (20 min) selected from submitted abstracts

- Three round tables conducted by the board members of the Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics 

- Two poster sessions

Confirmed Speakers

Dr Rodolphe Antoine    University of Lyon, France
Dr Alain Beck    Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, France
Pr Isabelle Fournier    University of Lille, France
Pr Albert Heck    Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Pr Amy Herr    University of California, Berkeley, USA
Pr Ole Jensen    University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Pr Neil Kelleher    Northwestern University, USA
Pr Alexander Makarov    Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany
Pr Dame Carol Robinson    University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Pr Michal Sharon    Weizmann Institute, Israel
Dr Yuri Van der Burgt    Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Pr Vicki Wysocki    Ohio State University, USA

Roundtables and moderators (CTDP)

Sample preparation, intact protein separation,instrumentation, data analysis
Dr Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic, Pacific Northwest, National Laboratory, USA
Dr Jared Shaw, Pacific Northwest, National Laboratory, USA
Industrial and regulatory applications (i.e. antibody and biologics analysis)
Dr Yury Tsybin, Spectroswiss, Switzerland
Dr Alain Beck, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, France
Future directions of top-down proteomics
Pr Neil Kelleher, Northwestern University, USA
Pr Joseph Loo, University of California Los Angeles, USA


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